Enviro Erosion Prevention

What we do.
Prevents erosion of the soil that is caused by wildfires, heavy rain storms and wind, which causes homes and building to slides off hill sides

Enviro Strips 10 gage treated tarpsCreates a water resistant sealResists adverse atmospheric conditions  caused by winds and torrential rains
C J Soil Erosion Does Not use conventional area and lacing with sand bags which usually separates and ends up at the bottom of the hillside.



B & P Howard, Inc. is a license corporation located in California. C.J. Soil Erosion Control System was founded and patented in 1982 by Booker Thomas Howard. He learned different erosion techniques,
and the benefits of horticulture, erosion
control management was taught to him
by his father in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

B & P Howard Incorporated

Booker Thomas Howard, CEO
Open Business in 1985
1995-Norton Air Force Base San Bernardino, CA
1996-March Air Force Base
Riverside, CA
14 Years of Experience

Research and Development

In 1982, the Army Corporation of Engineers tested CJ Soil Erosion Control System’s three prototypes which determined that our product withstood adverse conditions. CJ Soil Erosion Control System has evolved into the ultimate erosion control material of the 21st century.



The east side slope directly behind DHL complex has rain damage causing heavy carved gullies with minimum vegetation effected by mudslides stripping away the topsoil and groundcover. The area is left with little protection with the topography barren unable to protect the hill from further deterioration. e


On the picture the problem was massive land slide which closing down the shipping and distribution lanes


Dependable Logistics in Los Angeles off of the 60 fwy. The building complex is separates by a parking lot that spans the length of the structures, approximately 100’ft by 5000’ ft in length.


Office (949) 667-4185

Operations (310) 867-3531

B & P Howard, Inc. is a license corporation located in California.